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    You can integrate the Kashier Payment Gateway with your Wix website and start accepting payments from your customers.


    • Fully PCI DSS compliant as a Level 1 Service for merchant operating in Egypt.

    • HPP integration.

    • 3D secure cards authentication support.

    • Support multiple payment method.

      1. Card Payments
      2. Wallet Payments
      3. Bank Installments Payment
    • Support acquiring multiple currencies "EGP, USD, GBP, EUR".

    • Plug and play.


    • Live account on Kashier platform

    • Premium site account hosted on Wix. Learn how to Upgrade Your Site to Premium.

      Test mode is not available on wix integration.

    Integration Steps

    • Navigate to your Wix website and switch to editor mode.

    • Click Settings. wix integration 1

    • Click Accept Payments. wix integration 2

    • Click See More Payment Options. wix integration 3

    • Select Kashier and click Connect. wix integration 4

    • Kashier is now connected to your site successfully. wix integration 6

    This completes your integration.

    Obtain live Credentials

    • After activating your account.

    • Make sure you are on live mode.

    • Navigate to Integrate now section > Payment API keys.

    • Generate a new api key with your prefered name that describes your integration channel, there is 1 default api key you could use that is created when signing up.

    • Copy Merchant ID visible under your user name "MID-xx-xx".

    apikey mid live

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