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    You can now accept recurring payments on your WooCommerce-enabled WordPress site using the Razorpay Subscriptions for WooCommerce plugin. This plugin is built on the Kashier Subscriptions product and offers seamless integration, allowing you to create and sell subscription services on your website.

    Compatibilities and Dependencies

    • Wordpress v4.4 or higher
    • Woocommerce v2.6 or higher
    • PHP v5.6.0 or higher


    • Login to Kashier platform
    • Navigate to Integrate now page
    • Click on Generate for Customizable form service


    WooCommerce Kashier Plugin is developed by using customized embedded form integration.


    1. Embedded form integration

    2. Connected accounts

    3. Supports Woocommerce subscriptions payments and tokenization

      Download the plugin and follow installation steps from our Github
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