Connected Accounts

    Gives the ability for authorized Platforms to make payments on behalf of another Kashier Merchants called that are enabled for Connected accounts.

    Platform is an aggregator of multiple merchants or service providers, examples: Souq, Otlob , connected account is the merchants on the platform Mcdonalds, KFC.

    Account Requirements:-

    • Connected Account: The connected accounts should be an existing Kashier merchant that is enabled for live payments, it should authorize to be connected to the paltform.

    • Platform Account: The platform should be an existing Kashier merchant, no need for a bank account or live payment acceptance, but the connected accounts should authroize the platform to collect payments on the platform channel "Displaying the connected accounts payment ui on the platform app" .

    Making Payment on behalf of connected accounts

    Learn how to add the right information to your Payment UI so you can make Payment on behalf of your connected accounts.

    You can make payment for on behalf of connected account by passing Connected Account Merchant Id to connectedAccount attribute in Payment UI Integration

    Both of Platform and Sub Merchant can view transactions and export them from Merchant Portal
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